Custom Electrical work shirts

Custom Electrical work shirts

The most basic sense of T-shirt designs is that the graphics are the message. It is crucial to understand which impression you want to convey before putting them on a shirt. Adding a clever pun to your custom electrical work shirts is an exciting way of attracting clients. The truth is that the pun may not be representing your company’s professional image.

This perspective makes you wonder which wordings and graphics will accomplish all the goals of a t-shirt design. The best shirt will establish trust and give clients enough information to help you achieve your goals. The best custom electrical work shirts will have a call-to-action to instruct the client on how they can contract your services.


This message is a marketing initiative that takes the prospective customer closer to the business. People love knowing what they need to do without the hustle of trying to figure out complicated words and phrases.

The first step of figuring out what you want to include in the call-to-action is deciding how you want the client to take action. Including examples such as ‘Start saving today with better electrical repairs! Call our number’, is a smart way of instructing clients to take immediate action.

You may want them to reach you via email or through a direct phone call. Another consideration is that you may want the client to call you for one of your most lucrative services, such as free estimates. Working with our design firm will help you create a message and graphic design that is simple, professional, and clear enough for all viewers.

One crucial factor in choosing custom electrical work shirts is finding clothes that have a fire retardant quality. Fire retardant material helps reduce the chances of catching fire when working risky electrical projects. The majority of fire retardant materials will be of a nylon or cotton fabric.

Electrical shirts’ graphics

Electrical shirts do not need blinding logo colors and graphics. One doesn’t have to include pictures that take away the message of the electrical company.

Choosing fire retardant materials


Our custom electrical work shirts will maintain their original qualities after several washes. We will provide you with the proper laundering instructions to treat the fabric.


Flame retardant shirts are usually more affordable than flame-retardant clothes. You will not have to replace the clothes after regular use because they will maintain their long-lasting quality after a long duration of heavy-duty electrical projects.

Protection level

Flame retardant clothes usually include a label to specify the clothes’ protection level. Electrical projects with a low-risk level will have a low hazard category of between one and two. Electrical workers should wear a category three flame retardant shirt to maintain a high safety level.

Arc thermal performance value

This value indicates the maximum protection you can expect from your clothes. HAF means how much heat the cloth will block out in case of an electrical fire. The rating should be higher than 4. This value is essential for fabrics that are not flame retardant.


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Custom Electrical work shirts

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