African Print Dresses Uk

African Print Dresses Uk

A successful designer of African dresses gets to their position because they understand all the concepts of producing all the different colorful pieces. Creativity is a significant part of fashion design, and you must be able to keep the designs original, unique, culturally rich with all the different patterns and art.

African clothes inspiration ideas

Africa is a beautiful and diverse continent with endless nature and enough creativity to create diverse design styles. African-inspired designs demonstrate all these rich cultural heritages for warm, cozy, bold, charming, and wild clothes. Some main influences you can use for African print dresses in the UK include:

  • The rich nature boasts of a myriad of terrains, including deserts, rivers, mountains, and trees
  • Wild animals like lions, zebras, wild cats, and giraffes
  • Cultural pieces with colorful patterns to represent the unique and exciting colors and stories
  • Crafty materials that showcase a tribe’s culture, with different art and images of sculptures

Color themes

The typical black-owned fashion brands’ dress will have various colors, from warm, rustic, earthy to wild. The most incredible benefit of these African clothing brands’ dresses is there is no shortage of style, and you can get versatile options with all kinds of color patterns and designs to add a little sunshine to your wardrobe. The beautiful and diverse fabric allows you to bring out the individual style in many different ways, so you can feel as comfortable, eccentric, and colorful as you wish.


African print has more than a couple of ways to style, and you should feel free to experiment with many different pieces. Our designers are not shy about piecing together all these different styles by combining the fabric with other materials for a more eclectic style. Some of these styles look as follows:

Adding a hem of African fabric on the edges of a Jeans shirt or top. These two colors look good in one piece, especially when you add jeans clothing for the extreme casual look.

T-shirt dress

These dresses have a relaxed and casual demeanor, even more so when adding a little Ankara fabric. The colorful pockets, neckline, or sleeves add a little bit of sunshine to the clothes ad suit the more airy and summery occasions.

Flare dress

We have already established that you can design and mix black-style African fabric with many different clothes. The flared dress is one of the most common ways of designing an African dress because it adds so much flatter to an already flattering pattern.

Short flared dresses look great with heels or sandals and are the perfect fit for a sunny day or event, such as a wedding.

Two-piece African clothes ideas

The two-piece dress is always popular because it has such a bold look. Wearing a two-piece trouser or skirt suit with African print is a playful way of making a statement in versatile applications and occasions.

Shade Of Me is happy to answer all your questions on our African print dresses in the UK, so please get in touch online to discuss more on all our present and oncoming exciting projects.

African Print Dresses Uk

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